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India Adoption

The IFS India program is like two adoption  programs under one roof.

The 1st program

focuses on Indian families living in the US who have received the designation from the Indian government as NRI (Non-Resident Indian – A citizen of India, holding an Indian passport, but residing abroad) or OCI (Overseas Citizen of India). To know if you qualify under one of these designations visit the Indian Embassy webpage at In general the Indian government allows these families to adopt children who are either non-special needs children and/or special needs children.

The 2nd program

accommodates families who do not meet the above definitions (NRI or OCI). These families may adopt children who are considered Special Needs Children. Special Needs Children can include children with the following needs: minor, fixable and/or manageable, physical and/or medical special needs, older “healthy” children (typically 6 and older), “healthy” siblings, or children with more significant needs. See IFS Special Needs Adoptions for a much more detailed and expanded understanding of special needs adoptions.

About the Children:

The children in India are entirely of Indian descent. Most of these children are of fairer complexion, some are dark skinned, and all have black hair, dark eyes and beautiful features. Boys and girls range in age from 9 months-12 years, however, by the time a child arrives in the U.S., the children will usually be a minimum of 18 months old. Please contact IFS for current time lines. Government guidelines require all adoptive parents to travel to India to pick up their children.  Our IFS families travel to New Delhi to be met by our IFS India staff.

IFS Accreditation and Indian License

IFS is also officially licensed and approved as an AFAA (Authorized Foreign Adoption Agency) licensed by CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority), the Central Authority for adoptions in India. India is a Hague Convention country. This means that US agencies who conduct adoptions from India must be accredited by the U.S. Department of State via the Council on Accreditation.  IFS is a COA Hague Accredited Agency. Under our accredited status, IFS can accept new applications as a primary, accredited provider from families who want to adopt from India.

Requirements for Adopting Parent(s):

  • It is required that couples be married for at least 2 years of stable marital relationship.
  • There can be no more than 45 years difference between the parent and the child. (For instance, a 50 year old must adopt a 5 year old or older, etc.)
  • Must be between 25 – 45 years of age (married couples) if adopting a child under 4 years of age.
  • One applicant must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Up to 2 children in the home are allowed (preferred), however, exceptions can be made, especially for Special Needs adoptions.
  • Single women between 30 – 45 may adopt.

Fees & Expenses

IFS Application Fee:


IFS Agency Coordination Fee:


Siblings adopted at the same time:

$500 for each additional child (plus additional India program fee).

Unrelated children adopted at the same time:

A one-year wait is required after the first adoption from India has been finalized before a second unrelated child may be adopted.

Expatriate (clients living out of the U.S.):

Additional $1,000

India Program Fee:

Contact IFS for the latest information regarding program fees. Program fees are subject to change without notice. A significant service and support fee reduction may apply for the adoption of a second child at the same time (only applies to sibling adoptions). Contact your Adoption Consultant for more information.

Additional Expenses:

• $30 Texas apostilles ($10 each) – for 3 documents (Undertaking, CARA license, IFS license) IFS adds to every dossier.
• Review of home study report conducted by a non-accredited agency in a Hague Convention case – $250.
• Conversion of an adoption from a non-Convention case to a Convention case- $250.
• Visa for the adoptive child – $230
• Apostilles (for dossier documents – varies per state).
• All travel related expenses. Once the location of the child assignment from CARA is known, the adoptive parents will be required to cover the travel costs of the IFS in-country coordinator who serves on behalf of the client. IFS will provide an estimate of these costs as soon as they are known to us.

Subsequent IFS adoption anytime after initial adoption:


A Note about Post-Placement Report Refundable Deposits:

Refer to the IFS Adoption Services Agreement and Contract regarding your refundable Post-Placement Report (PPR) deposits. Deposits are required at the time of home study completion/submission of the dossier. Contact your IFS representative for current refundable PPR deposit requirements.

For more information about Adoption Tax Credits and other tax planning information , see NOTE: IFS does not provide any tax-planning advice. Prospective adoptive families should consult with their tax or financial planning professionals for additional advice on the adoption tax credit.

Adopt from India


Explore Adoption to begin the journey through the process of helping a child find a forever family.


Explore Adoption

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