Across the universe and into each other’s lives

Across the universe and into each other’s lives

Two sisters are having a Christmas they will never forget.

The siblings, Angela Mardock, 18, of Springville, and Adi Calvert, 20, of England, were adopted by different families in different countries 18 years ago.

They met Monday for the first time, and are spending the Christmas season together before they have to return to their separate lives.

Being Adopted and My Thoughts.

Being Adopted and My Thoughts.

Every once in a while all parents experience that special time when our kids come up with something that blesses the socks off of us. This was the case with Hannah, one of the two 16 year old daughters of IFS founders Bob & Carol Mardock.


Families who have adopted from countries like China, Russia, Ethiopia and Ukraine will have a final adoption decree of their child from the foreign country.

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