Photo Release Form

By entering the requested information and selecting AGREE I indicate my consent to the use and/or publication by International Family Services (IFS) of the photograph(s) and all photographic negatives, prints, stills, electronic media or reproductions provided by me or my family members.

I understand that the photograph(s) of may be used in public relations and marketing materials including, but not limited to, brochures, internet and/or website, training publications, telephone directory, local or regional magazine advertisements and/or articles.

I understand that my child’s first name and/or country of origin only may be used in conjunction with the photo(s)

I agree that any photographs, negatives, prints, stills, electronic media or reproductions will become the property of IFS and will not be returned.
  • Please briefly share with us your adoption story or a few highlights of your experience.
  • If you have a specific photo you would like us to consider using, please attach it to this form.

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