It is always encouraging for IFS team members to receive a note from adoptive families home with their beautiful kids. Such was the case recently when Bethany Compton (IFS India Program) received the following note from Aaron and Julie, new parents to Autumn and Abby (India).

Hi Bethany!

I have been meaning to write to you since we came home, but its kinda been a little busy!  The girls are doing great.  They are learning English quickly and seem to be fitting right in to family life here.  Of course there are adjustments, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Our time in India was wonderful!  We have nothing but praise for Rajeev and his excellent work.  We never had an ounce of trouble and everything was as smooth as could be.  It was obvious everywhere we went that he is well known and well respected – especially at the orphanage, but also at the embassy.  He took excellent care of us!

Rajeev told us a story about how adoption is like a lotus flower.  On the surface is the beautiful bloom.  Underneath the surface is a gigantic tangle of roots and mess.  He said his job is to make it so that we come to India and pick the beautiful flower without ever seeing or knowing about the tangle beneath the surface that he has taken care of.  I have a really nice picture of Rajeev in front of his house with my girls (his two beautiful flowers that he caused to bloom for us!).

I am sending you a few other pictures too so you can see how all your hard work has paid off!  We couldn’t be happier!  Thank you for all your patience and wisdom over the years.  It was a long, hard road, but SO worth it.




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