Every once in a while all parents experience that special time when our kids come up with something that blesses the socks off of us. This was the case with Hannah, one of the two 16 year old daughters of IFS founders Bob & Carol Mardock. She posted the following on Facebook. We had to re-post it on our IFS Blog.

Being Adopted and My Thoughts.
Hannah Mardock

Well let me first start out by saying that this is not a touchy subject for me. I love talking about it and I love my story! Do I ever wonder who and what my biological parents look like . . . of course! Is being adopted a “bad thing?” No, not for me or anyone I’ve known that is adopted. I’m thankful and grateful for it! Honest truth is I wouldn’t be where I am today, wouldn’t have experienced the world like I have and maybe wouldn’t even be alive.

It’s not just being adopted for me though, it’s being adopted into the name – my name – Hannah Mardock. Being a Mardock is about running the extra mile, is following through, is being a leader wherever needed, is being a follower of Jesus Christ, is coming together for a great family meal and is having fun adventures!

I was born in Vladivostok, Russia, where a couple months later my mom “just so happened” to be there and fall in love with me. It was no coincidence, God does amazing things and this is for sure one of them! My mom was there to see many orphans, not for the purpose of adopting me, but to help other people adopt children . . . but she found me! (I also have to give a shout-out to my Dad for agreeing to adopting another kid.)

Opportunity in my life is definitely what I can say I’ve been blessed with.

And from there you can see I’ve grown up just fine, had some swats in my life for making poor decisions, had to clean up a few dog poops for forgetting to take my shoes off in the house, those kinds of things. Other than that I’m a star tri-athlete at my school – cross country, track & soccer. And I attend an amazing church with my family, Celebration Church, Georgetown, Texas. I just got back from camp and it was amazing.

Lastly, I (well, we) have a boat. (Bam!)

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