IFS Announces New  China Program Director

We are pleased to introduce you to Esther Haines, our new IFS China Program Director. Through the years Esther has helped over 600 families adopt Chinese children, having been involved in China adoptions as an agency China coordinator for 17 years. While most of her work has revolved around the states of New York (where she lives), New Jersey, and Connecticut, Esther is eager to work with IFS across the US through the IFS family of contacts and networks.

Meet Esther Haines – in her words.

My story is a little unique and very personal, but you might appreciate knowing some of my background.  I was born in China into a Christian family during the Chinese Cultural Revolution under Chairman Mao.  

My mother named me Esther after the Old Testament person.  As Christians in China, we suffered persecution and religious oppression.  I remember that I was not able to use my Christian name until the 1980’s when the Cultural Revolution ended.  As a young adult I attended a Chinese Seminary in China.  Then in 1989 I was given the chance to come to the United States.  This became a journey of freedom and faith.  I attended graduate school in Texas and then latter married Todd Haines, an all-American man with German/English roots.  I have two beautiful children, Rachel (college age) and Jonathan (middle school).

A little-known fact about me and my family is that we love baseball, which, for me, is about as American as apple pie. 

Because I am a Chinese-born US citizen I enjoy many privileges when I work with families wishing to adopt in China, not the least of which is that I speak and write Chinese fluently. But, in addition to that, I also understand the many cultures in the US as well as the cultural and political mindset of the Chinese agencies and authorities I work with in China.

I want families to know that adoption makes a world of difference in the life of a child longing for love and guidance no matter where he or she was born. Becoming an international or cross-cultural family can enrich and bless families in myriad ways and many times, can literally save a life.

I am pleased to be part of the adoption team of International Family Services.  IFS has been working to build families since the early 1990’s and has helped over 4000 children find forever homes.  IFS is licensed in five different states and able to work with families from all 50 states and U.S. citizens living abroad.  IFS has earned the distinction of being Hague Accredited under an important international treaty that enforces the highest standards in adoption.

Kim Cissell (IFS China Program Assistant and Manager for many years) will work hand-in-hand with Esther in the transition. Kim will continue as IFS Home Study Coordination and Post Adoption Report Coordination.

For question about the IFS China Program you can contact IFS at info@ifservices.org or connect with Esther directly.

Esther Haines
(607) 281-0092

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