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Bethany Compton

Bethany Compton

Assistant Program Coordinator & Adoption Consultant

Role & Responsibility:
I serve as an Assistant Program Coordinator, assisting Bob Mardock. I’m also one of IFS’s Adoption Consultants. My days are filled with communicating with staff, answering questions from adoptive families, contacting families about possible referrals, updating them as their cases progress through the adoption steps, and making their travel plans when its time to bring their children home. I also work with new families who contact IFS wanting to know more about how they can make their adoption dreams become a reality.

Adoption has been a huge part of my life ever since my family adopted my first brother from Korea when I was 8 years old. I now have 6 more adopted siblings bringing the number of kids in our family to 10. Soon after my brother’s adoption my mom heard about International Family Services. She contacted IFS and started the process of adopting my second brother, this time from Vietnam. My family has been connected to IFS ever since. I now have 3 brothers who were adopted through IFS’s Vietnam program, and a sister adopted through the India program. My youngest brothers, twins, were adopted domestically. I’m also an aunt to the cutest nieces and nephew ever.

Part of the IFS Team Since: 2007

Little Known Facts About Me:

While we were in the process of adopting from India, Carol Mardock, IFS’s Founder and then Executive Director, offered my mom a chance to work with IFS, which was a dream of hers. My sister and I were mom’s personal adoption support team for several years. Then, in 2007, I was given the chance to take an active role as IFS staff in the India program. For fun my family loves to play board games of all sorts, we can get very competitive (you don’t want to challenge us to a game of Taboo). I am also a big Joss Whedon fan — our family pets are named after characters from his television shows. Shiny!

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