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Esther Haines - Th.M

Esther Haines - Th.M

Program Director – China Program & Adoption Consultant

Role & Responsibility:
I have been working in the field of China adoptions for over 18 years and have personally helped over 600 Chinese children find forever homes. In 2014 I was given the opportunity of joining the IFS adoption staff as the China Program Director. I love IFS and serving our China adoptive families. I speak and write Chinese fluently and understand the many cultures in the U.S. as well as the cultural and political mindset of the Chinese agencies and authorities I work with in China.

Family: I was born in China and lived there until I was a young adult when I was given the opportunity to come to the U.S. and attend graduate school in Texas. I met and married Rev. Todd Haines, an all-American man with German/English roots. I have two beautiful multi-cultural children, Rachel (college age) and Jonathan (middle school).

Part of the IFS Team Since: 2014

Little Known Facts About Me:
I have worked many years in the field of U.S. and China relations as a cross-cultural trainer and U.S. – China communications specialist. I have trained professionals from companies involved in China including Merk, Johnson and Johnson, AT&T, InLingual, Berlitz International, and United Van Lines. In my many experiences I have helped many business people and government officers understand the cultures of China and the U.S. while they find themselves conducting business negotiations leading to successful business partnerships.

You might also find it interesting that I love baseball, which, for me, is about as American as apple pie.

Because of my life experiences I understand that home is not a place – home is where we are loved. I believe that love transcends all races and nationalities and cultures. Adopting a child is a journey, it is journey home and journey of love. I wish that all adoption journeys be filled with love and joy.

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