As of Friday, March 11, 2011, China Center for Adoption Affairs has introduced a new policy for single women to adopt a child.

Single women may now adopt special focus children from China’s Special Needs System. She may only adopt one special focus child at a time.

The applicant must

  • be at least 30 years old; for those over 50, the age difference between the parent and child shall not be more than 45 years (same as couples),
  • provide a certified statement that she is single and not homosexual (new)
  • be physically and mentally healthy and be of good moral quality (same as couples)
  • have an income of at least $10,000/year for each household member and net worth of at least $100,000 (couples only need net worth of $80,000),
  • have experience in child care or be employed in child-related fields (such as doctor, nurse, teacher, child psychologist or counselor, etc.; best to have experience in caring for children with special needs) (new),
  • have no more than 2 other children under age 18 years of age, the youngest being at least 6 years old (new), and
  • be prepared to parent a special focus child.

Additionally, the applicant must

  • provide her well-considered rationale for parenting a special focus child (same as couples),
  • provide her rationale for choosing to be single, her attitude toward marriage, a clear indication of her willingness to designate male role models for the child and welcome male friends at family gatherings (new),
  • receive additional training for special needs children (new),
  • provide a detailed care and rehabilitation plan (same as couples),
  • provide a written statement of consent from appointed guardian.

Finally, if a woman has a stable relationship with a live-in male partner, she will have to meet the same requirements as a couple (new).

For more information, see the CCAA Notice.

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