Meet the Adoption Team

International Family Services

IFS Executive Team

Bob Mardock (TX) Founder and President
Carol Mardock (TX) Founder and Executive Director

Administrative Staff

Tina Richardson (TX) Director of Social Services, Texas MCJ, LCPAA
Kim Cissell (TX) Executive Assistant – Home Study/Post Adoption Coordination
Timothy Mardock (TX) Executive Assistant Accounts Manager, IT
Beth Kessler (TX) Volunteer, Administrative Assistant
Cherie Banks (OR) Office Manager, Oregon & Assistant Program Coordinator

Adoption Program Staff

Kim Cissell (TX) Adoption Consultant
Carol Mardock (TX) Program Director – Domestic Adoptions
Randi Shetley (MO) Adoption Consultant
Bob Mardock (TX) Adoption Consultant / Coordinator
Cherie Banks (OR) Adoption Consultant & Oregon Office Manager
Bethany Compton (MO) Adoption Consultant
Randi Rosenkrantz (TX) Adoption Consultant

Social Workers

Tina Richardson (TX) Director of Social Services, Texas, Social Worker, MCJ, LCPAA
Bernadette Cole (TX), Social Worker
Jaclyn Lovicott (TX), Social Worker
Rita Lampe (PA) Director of Social Services, Pennsylvania, Social Worker
Jim Wheeler (OR) Director of Social Services, Oregon, Social Worker
Kathy Moore (OR), Social Worker
Judy Schrader (OR), Social Worker

Board of Directors

Joel Wiens
Chad Harris
Jennifer Stutzriem
Jennifer Lusk
Bob Mardock

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