Nick and Brandi were like so many couples challenged by infertility. The Central Texas couple dreamed about starting a family and enjoying life as parents, investing themselves and their family culture into their children. After years of frustration and the expense of doctor visits in an effort to understand why they could not get pregnant, the couple decided it was time to move forward and pursue adoption.

“Orphan care and adoption had always been part of our life plans but the Lord and infertility dramatically changed our timing,” explains Brandi.

“When we finally decided it was time, we entered into the IFS Domestic Cross-Cultural adoption program. Once the decision was made we fully committed ourselves to the adoption process. Soon we were matched with a birthmother and a few short months after entering the program we were were in another state where our son was born. The adoption process was a whirlwind full of activity and emotion. We were so excited.”

NicknBrandi“Then something even more wonderful happened” Nick reports. “I’ll say this as delicately as I can, but while waiting for all the final adoption papers to be filed before traveling home with our newly adopted son, and enjoying a few days together in our hotel room, we got pregnant! While I know how that works, we still asked ourselves how this miracle could happen, a gift of God after all the years of hopes and dreams. Of course, it took a while for us to find out we were pregnant but when we did we were blown away.”

Brandi goes on to say, “With our newly adopted son in our arms I came home to the wonderful experience of morning sickness. At first, not knowing I was pregnant, I couldn’t figure out why I felt so terrible. But, nine months after the birth of our first son I gave birth to number two. The past two years have been amazing. Now we are finally experiencing the joys, and challenges, of parenting two little guys as a multi-cultural family.”

NicknBrandi & BoysCarol Mardock, Founder of International Family Services and director of the Domestic Cross-Cultural program explains, “I can’t tell you how many times I have heard similar stories that echo Nick and Brandi’s story of adoption and then pregnancy. It is certainly not something that happens to everyone, in fact, it’s just a small percentage of couples. But it sure is fun when we hear these stories. I think God has such a wonderful sense of humor.”

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