It was August 16, 1990 and the Los Angeles Times had a hot summer story about 100,000 orphan children in recently assassinated dictator Nicloae Ceausescu’s Romania. Through a series of “coincidences” the paper learned about Bob & Carol Mardock’s plans to make the journey to the Eastern European country for adoption #2. The interview took place, photos were taken, and when the piece was released it was on the day the entire newspaper was wrapped in The View section and the Mardock’s family picture appeared above the fold, front page, on news stands around the country.

Soon the story was picked up internationally. The Mardock’s phone number was not published but, even before social media and email as standard means of communication, people found them and started calling, 5-10 families a day for weeks. “If you know how to adopt in Romania maybe you can you help us, too?” was their plea. 25 years and 4500 adoptions later the Mardocks are still amazed and what the Lord has accomplished.

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