I’m #1

Hi, I’m Angela Mardock, IFS Junior Ambassador to the World.

I know claiming to be #1 sounds presumptuous, and Junior Ambassador to the world? Really? But the fact is I am the first kid ever to be adopted by a U.S. family through the organization that became known as International Family Services and I love talking about being adopted.

My adoption took place back in 1991 in Romania when I was a baby. I’m now 23 years old, a college graduate, and recently returned from Europe spending a semester of my senior year in Spain studying Spanish and enjoying another international and cultural experience.

Being raise a Mardock (yes, my parents are Bob and Carol Mardock, founders of IFS) I have grown to appreciate cultures and international experiences. It seems to be a theme in my family. My life started in Romania but I’m an all American girl. Along the way I have spent time in Mexico, Argentina, England, Australia and now Spain. Mom and Dad have raised me to be a world changer and that has certainly become one of my primary goals in life.

I have accepted Mom and Dad’s challenge to take on a special role with IFS. My parents actually came up with the idea “Junior Ambassador” for IFS. I like to think of this role as simply being a big adoption story-teller. Like many others today, I am into social media with my handy iPhone and laptop to aid me. As part of the Facebook generation I simply want to help continue to develop networks and relationships where I can tell the adoption story, but from an adopted kid’s perspective.

I know a little about what my life could have been had I not been adopted and I want to make a difference in the lives of other kids like me. I know I’m not the only world changer out there who needs to be adopted.

I invite you to follow me on Facebook facebook.com/angela.mardock and on my blog, angelamardock.blogspot.com.

My dad wrote the story about my adoption that also tells how International Family Services got started. Here is a link to download the mini-book. I’m a little humbled to think it all started with me, but at the same time I’m proud to be #1. I hope you will read dad’s story and pass it on. And I hope you will follow me this year as I view my world through adopted eyes.

Angela Mardock


Interesting Angela Info:

  • Child Gymnast. (Hey, I’m from Romania! I used to be able to do 13 back-flips in a row. I quit when I had progressed to the level where the coaches wanted me to sell my life to being a “contender.”)
  • Junior High Cheer Leader. (Can you say DRAMA?)
  • HS Choir. (I was in the top vocal group.)
  • HS Yearbook Editor. (Our book was recognized as one of the best in the country.)
  • Staff at a Christian Camp. (I cleaned toilets, I was the laundry girl, and assisted in the kitchen. I washed my hands first.)
  • HS senior Prom Queen. (That one was a surprise!)
  • University student government. (I was events/social director and activities queen.)
  • Youth Leader and Mentor to JrHi girls with the Christian organization Youth For Christ.
  • Intern with International Family Services.

Angela Hobbies:

  • Guitar and Mandolin.
  • Art. (I love to paint and have actually sold some of my stuff.)
  • Photography, Video and Graphic Design.

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