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Cherie Banks

Cherie Banks

Office Manager, Oregon & Assistant Program Coordinator

Role & Responsibility:
I have a couple of primary responsibilities at IFS. First, I manage the daily activities in our IFS of Oregon office in Newberg, Oregon (just south of Portland). This includes meeting with adoptive families, intake and management of families files, record keeping and an occasional trip to Salem (our state capital) for official state records and apostilles. I also assistant coordinating our wonderful India adoption program. I guide families through the completing of their adoption dossier paperwork and answer a lot of questions. I enjoy connecting with adoptive families and becoming a friend in what can appear to be a daunting process.

I have a very big family. We had a family reunion in Australia about ten years ago and the group photo we took was AMAZING! I guess you really don’t realize how many family members you have until they are all together. Most are living in Australia, Italy and Florida. Facebook has been a great way to stay in touch with them.

Part of the IFS Team Since: 2008

Little Known Fact About Me: If I have the privilege of working with you you will probably notice a unique accent. I was born in Australia and am IFS’s resident Aussie. I have lived the “island life” most of my years and, in addition to Australia, have spent a lot of time traveling and exploring many of the islands in the South Pacific. I have also lived in Raratonga (the most populous of the Cook Islands), America Samoa and my favorite, Bermuda. As for how I came to live in beautiful Oregon well, that sometimes even surprises me but, I love it.

I love architecture and photography. I often put my sweet dog Kaycee in the car with me and we explore old (and new) homes and the buildings in downtown Portland, or wherever we may be. I think Kaycee enjoys it too. My joy for photography takes me many palaces and I have my camera with me always. I make a calendar every year for Christmas presents with my photos. It’s creative & great fun.

I also dabble in archery and have been in a few local competitions. Believe me, it’s not as easy as it looks. I did manage to get a win a few times though.

My big secret is… I LOVE “IRISH SODA BREAD” ! OK, maybe it’s not a BIG secret but, it is the best. Especially when my Mom used to make it.

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