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Lori Pierce

Lori Pierce

Adoption Consultant

Role & Responsibility:
My name is Lori and I am an Adoption Consultant for International Family Services. I share the IFS adoption opportunity with those I connect with and help them in their entry process into the adoption programs offered by IFS.

I love to talk about adoption, orphans, and God. I love to share any of these subjects with anyone remotely interested in caring for “the least of these.”

I am wife to Mike for the past 13 years, a mother to two homegrown boys, Hayden and Noah, and one spicy girl from India, Disha Lucy.

Part of the IFS Team Since: 2013

Little Known Facts About Me:
A few years ago I was talking with my sister about a church family we knew. They had just gone through an international adoption and we discussed the obstacles they were dealing with. I remember specifically saying, “I would never adopt. You never know the child’s background and it could be real trouble.” Well, I imagine God was having a pretty good chuckle. Fast forward to April 3, 2012 and you would see my husband and me meeting our precious almost 4 year old daughter in Orissa, India.

You know, life was pretty good for us before our daughter joined our family. My husband and I had two healthy boys and we both had good jobs. We went on vacations, went to church, had good friends, and supportive families. My personal relationship with God was growing. Throughout many Bible studies and Women Of Joy Bible conferences, I felt God leading us toward adoption. My husband prayed about it and we began our journey.

I remember sitting down and calling around to 4 different agencies. IFS blew me away with their knowledge and compassion for orphans and adoption. Our experience with IFS was awesome and I knew I did not want to forget about them. I wanted to help more people find the right agency to help them with their life changing journey. Our faith and passion grew through this experience. I felt closer to God and compelled to fight for orphans. It seemed I had found my calling. Now, I have the privilege of working with IFS as an Adoption Consultant.

Oh, and I love foreign films and documentaries in old historic theaters, I have a degree in International Relations and my family and I love trying?new cuisines. Our favorites are Thai and Indian food.

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