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Randi Rosenkrantz

Randi Rosenkrantz

Adoption Consultant

Role & Responsibility:
My name is Randi and I have worked as an Adoption Consultant for International Family Services (IFS) since 2002. I love to talk with potential families who are looking to adopt either internationally or through the Domestic Cross-Cultural Program. I especially enjoy sharing our own IFS China adoption stories. We’ve adopted twice, the first way back in 1996 near the beginning of the IFS China program. Most of my work is either by phone or email and I try to be available to families whenever they need me so they too may experience to joy of adoption!

I have been married to Marty for almost 35 years. We are the parents of 2 beautiful daughters we adopted from China. Our oldest is in college at LSU and the youngest is a Freshman in high school. We also have a 10 year old Bichon named Sugar!

Part of the IFS Team Since: 2002

Little Known Facts About Me:
I love to talk, especially about my children. And, we all love to go on cruises. I think we may have been on at least 15 cruises together. On most of the cruises, we seem to meet other families (remember, I talk) who have adopted from China. We refer to ourselves as a “conspicuous family” since we are Caucasian and our children are Chinese. Many people who adopt from China say that there is a Red Thread connection that lead them to adopt from China. I have one too. As a young girl, I had one recurring dream. I dreamt there was a marching band and in my dream the music the band played would get louder and louder. Finally I could see who was in the band and they were all Asian! Years later I wrote a college paper on adoption, not knowing that I would get married and after 11 years of marriage we would decide to adopt. My red thread continued while visiting in Florida where we met a family with the cutest 18 month old toddler they had just adopted from China. We asked a few questions, they gave us a video about their adoption, and when we returned home we found International Family Services. We loved IFS immediately, and 9 months later, our oldest daughter came home! I love the red thread. I was really okay with having one child, but when Jill asked us for a baby sister who looked like her – how could I say no?! Unbeknownst to me, Marty already had received the IFS adoption paperwork for a second adoption, and as soon as I said YES, he gave them to me to sign! When Katie came home, our family was complete. If I were younger, I would adopt again from China. We hope to take our children to China in the next couple of years.

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